Working for a sustainable future through Inner Development Goals

Join us on the ride towards a more sustainble world. 



We are part of IDG globally. We are working to support and co-create the process of implanting the Inner Development Goalsskillsets (IDG). A skill set that is integral to reach The UNs Global Goals for SustainableDevelopment.

Relate2change are non-profit and what we earn is used for the work with IDGs to support the SDGs

About Us

We´re here to help you grow, and at the same time contribute to achieving the sustainability goals.

Book a talk or a mini workshop


We offer talks/lectures to inform of IDG. We are happy to facilitate a mini workshop where we give a taste of experientaial learning from the IDG framework.  We facilitate digitally or physically.


Reach out to Christin Winther


Train with us

We train your teams and employees. We help you implement and develop IDG skills in your organisation. As IDG supervisors, we take your organization through the IDG programme.

We will taylorsaw a training that suit your organisation.


Become a sponsor


Would you like to be involved in IDG's work globally? Become a central sponsor of IDG, and be visible on both the main page of IDG and our local website. Or maybe you just want a local sponsor. IDG offers various sponsorship packages locally and centrally.



Our services

HUB meetings

We participate in hubmeetings around the world, and will organise hubmeetings in Norway.

We collaborate with others to raise awareness about Inner Development Goals (IDG).

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Networking with individuals, groups and organisations to inform about and help working with the Inner Development Goals (IDG).

Networking for a difference.

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Spread the word

We will contribute to spread information about IDG, and inspire others to collaborate.

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Upcoming events

Vi starter det nye året med Hubmøte! Velkommen 30. januar 2023 kl 1500 - 1900.

Vi informerer mer om hva IDG er, og vi utforsker sammen hva vi skal gjøre i hubben. Her er det mange muligheter.

Meld deg på nyhetsbrevet og få oppdateringer og informasjon fra oss. 

Save the date!

the 30th of January.

Information about IDG.

Break out rooms on what we will do in this hub and what we would like to achieve; our 

big hairy goals. 

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