Work with us!

Work with us!

Did you know that you can develop your employees, your team and your organization to work better together and at the same time work for and contribute to a sustainable future? The new situation  is the momentum that we are rising awareness all over the world right now on IDG. There are 200 IDG hubbs all over the world, and its growing fast. In Norway we are now 6 hubs that are collaborating to support IDG developing in Norway. 

These things actually go hand in hand.

IDG are transformative skills for a more sustainable society. These are skills we need to get better at working together, thinking new things and driving change. In this way, you can develop your organization at the same time as you help move the world in the right direction.

Growth and development are in focus - in a new framework. Its happening now!

Global actors and brands already run the IDG program in their organisations. Now IDG has come to Norway - join us in leading the way!

We have in our organisation's network a group of experienced supervisors and organizational consultants who are passionate about IDG and how IDG can contribute to sustainability. We know IDG's toolkit and also have other professional and research-based tools. We would like to assist you and your organization with how you can use IDG.
Hopefully we can co-create an exciting project.

When the hub earns, for example, that IDG supervisors contribute, then everything goes back to the IDG work. To create new IDG projects within management, organisation, development of children - young people, environment, diversity, social sustainability, etc.

Ways you can collaborate in the Relate2change IDG hub

Are you a coach or organisational consultant?

Become a IDG supervisor!

“Do you want to work with us and assist customers to develop into an IDG organization that works for a sustainable future?”

Join the Relate2change hub, join hub meetings. We are a non-profit association that works to assist organizations to become sustainable through working with IDG. All profits go back to the hub, which works to spread IDG and help achieve the UN's 17 sustainability goals.

Do you work as a manager or internal consultant and want to implement IDG in your organisation?

“Join our hub and learn more about IDG.  And maybe you find help to develope a IDG culture in your organisation”

We would love to support you in your work. And by working with us, you at the same time support the development of IDG and our goal to reach the 17 sustainability goals. 

Do you want to work with IDG and spread information?

"Join our hub and meet other committed people working to build networks and spread the word"

You are welcome and we look forward to working with you. Together we can reach more organiszations and get more people involved in IDG, and to achieve the UN's 17 sustainability goals. We start with ourselves, and focus on internal sustainability goals.